We have POA. Exploitation occurring. Need advice Please. We have called in Adult Protective Services to try and help our 87 year old widowed mom from being exploited by a 47 year old woman who "befriended" her at church. We have confronted this woman " friend" who has an arrest record for elder abuse when she worked in a nursing home years ago. She (friend) will not go away. She has no job or manner of making a living other than exploitation of our Mom. Our mother is now lying to cover for her "friend". Mom does not realize this woman is getting Moms cash so there is no proof for APS to prosecute her with. How do we get an evaluation of moms dementia before all her accounts are empty? She takes no meds and won't see a doctor. Can a geriatric care manager do an evaluation? We can't get even get a restraining order to keep this thief away from our mom. Please help!

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1. Contact the IL admin and make them aware of the situation, including the woman's criminal record. BTW, how did you learn about her criminal record?

2. Contact APS AGAIN and get them involved to prevent the woman from future contact.

3. Contact the pastor, reverend, priest or whoever is head of the church. He or she should be willing to step in immediately.

4. Who takes your mother to church? You should start taking her and ensure that the woman doesn't make any contact with your mother.

5. How IS this woman accessing your mother's cash, and HOW did you find out this is happening.? If your mother doesn't know, how did you find out?

6. Who told you you can't get a PPO? Did you actually file for one and were denied an order by the judge?

The issue of an evaluation is subordinate to stopping this woman; you need to address that first.
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Your mom is in an Independent Living facility? Does the facility know that this person has a conviction for elder abuse? I think that they'd be VERY interested.

If this woman is draining mom and mom won't cooperate, I think I'd get an eldercare attorney and find out how to file for emergency guardianship.
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I'm just going to post this again so it bumps up to the top. How is this person getting access to mom's cash? If the police can catch her in the act.....
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I'm curious how this woman is accessing mom's cash.

Getting mom to the doctor: take her to lunch and amazingly, you stop by the doctor's office afterwards, just need to pick something up here, mom.

Or you tell her it's a new Medicare requirement, or Obamacare requirement. Just make sure you fax the doctor a letter beforehand, outlining your concerns. However, a doctor visit is not going to give you ability to get her declared incompetent, if that is what you are looking to do.

I know that there is a process by which you can seek emergency guardianship, but I don't know how you go about this.

How can you cut off mom's access to cash, seems to be part of the crux of the problem.

Are the folks at the church aware that this theft is taking place? Will mom listen to the pastor?
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