Need help at night he refuses. No poa no sleep he 82 me 75. He refuses to get night help or sign a poa I am sleep deprived and burnt out What can I do to help him he is rational some of the time and verbally abusive at other times. We pay a cleaning lady/aide 120.00 a day need more pro help but he refuses any discussion Most of our income is in his name What do I do We are paying 4000.00 for a bath lift chair so he will be safe. I am in need of advice to help him keep his dignity and to be able to care for him

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Catgirl, is there a lawyer in your area who specializes in "elder law?" He or she might give you an hour consultation and some useful advice to first get the finances and assets in your control, and then how best to help him. You will need to protect yourself physically if the hallucinations cause him to act out. It's possible an adjustment of meds could with that too. Is he under doctor's care for the parkinsons? He may not be able to reason through this with you and so you need to bring in help for yourself first. If you aren't getting sleep, you cannot help him. My heart goes out to you in this struggle. My hubby has PD too.
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Check into a memory care facility for him. Some assisted living places over different levels of care for spouses with different levels of abilities. Do you have any relatives or friends you can ask for help? If he won't agree to go or get more help at home you'll have to get some legal help to get POA or guardianship. At 75 years old you need some help before you damage your health.
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