My husband is mad and blames me for all the troubles I am causing because I do not have the permit to travel yet (I am not a citizen - I need a permit to travel). But we have been from and to America 3 times in the last 3 years. We're back just 2 months ago. He wants to go away again. He doesn't have the concept of time I think. Will this fixation stop once we travel?

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Does your husband suffer with dementia? If so, these people obsess over many things. My mother obsessed over a man in her apartment building she said was “stalking” her. After that, when she went to a facility, it was a “young boy on a bike” who was stalking her.

Will it stop once you are traveling again? Possibly. But traveling with someone who has dementia, if he does, can be difficult. He may not realize you are actually traveling. If he wanders, he may wander off without you’re seeing him. Make sure his doctor gives him clearance to travel.

He will most likely obsess over lots of things. My mother did. I did not argue or try to convince her of anything. If you need to, use the “therapeutic fib”. “Oh, I’m making our travel plans pretty soon!” Or “I’m waiting for the travel agent to call me back.”
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