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If you live in a development that has a clubhouse, or recreation center why not organize a 'BINGO" night... or oldies music nite, or cookie swap, or even just a pot luck dinner?

Invite a few of the neighbors over for 'dessert' and some conversation. Or start a quilting corner or knitting club. Look for local events that are for seniors. Offer to drive them, (or take them). Host some 'senior parties of your own.

'Senior centers' or adult care centers also provide tons of things for our elders to do, AND provide a break for the caregiver if our elder goes there for the day.. Even if only once a week this can be very helpful to keep our elders involved.

If your 'elder' is able to volunteer have them do so at children's hospitals or even local nursing homes. Bring reading materials, simple crafts or even puzzles to do with others.

Have family members bring over pictures, or memorabilia and start scrapbooking together. Even other elders can be involved in doing a 'neighborhood scrapbook'!
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There are plenty of things that I do,and that is what it takes. Me getting it to happen. Gee, someone should get something for that isolated senior to do. Roll up your sleeves and go to it. Find things the senior might enjoy, that you would also enjoy, and do these things together. You'll find that the caregivers on this list don't sit back and wait for the magic to happen for their dependent senior. They make it happen. I do squirrels feeding, built a whole table just for that. I make sure neighbors visit with their babies and dogs. I make sure my nieces send their grandma lots of cards with stickers on them. Be creative and then post your ideas and what works back here so we can all learn from you. Thanks.
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