My mother has a serious issue with her right leg, and it causes her pain. In addition, her right foot swells occasionally. I have taken her to her primary care physician, and to the vascular surgeon he recommended. Neither one of them can identify the problem. I even took her to a podiatrist, although I was certain he could not help! I was correct! I don't know what physician to try next, and I'm very concerned that she might have a blood clot. The vascular doctor did an ultrasound and found nothing. Has anyone been faced with a similar problem, and if so, what type of physician should I try next??

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If mom had cardiac bypass surgery years ago, was that the same area that veins were taken from to build the bypass? That would explain the swelling.
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Sometimes these kind of problems are illusive. You might have to just keep trying doctors to find the cause.

I had pain in my left hip and the Orthopaedic doctor said that it was actually my BACK that was making my hip hurt. About 2 years later, my back did give me a fit. Stretching helps. Apparently, problem in the spine can cause pain in the limbs.

If she's swelling in the leg, I'd explore if she needs something to keep the fluid down. Her primary should be able to address that.

I'd ask what they recommend for pain.
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Well the ultrasound would have found a blood I think you can stop worrying that its a clot. i would try an orthapedist, or more specifically orthopedic oncologist. It could be cancer.

Another possibility is lymphedema -- but the vascular doctor should have been able to diagnose that.

Finally, there could be a problem with the hip or knee, again the orthopedic doctor could help there.

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