does anyone know anything about possible grant money or other funds that would help pay for an outside care giver to come in and care for a love one?

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By & large at-home caregiving is done by family for free. Whether or not this is fair or good is a whole other issue...... If they get SS or other retirement or have savings, they are expected to use their income & savings first to pay for outside caregiving services.

If they are at or below poverty level and meet the criteria for needing skilled services then Medicaid could pay for some services. They would need to apply to your state's Medicaid program and then if accepted the state would provide & pay for the service directly to the providers (at their negotiated contract rates).

If they are really ill, they could apply for hospice which Medicare pays for. But they would need to meet the end-of-life criteria to be on hospice. Hospice can be done at-home or in a facility. My mom is in a NH on hospice and has 2X a week RN visits, 5X a weeks CNA with bathing on 2 of those visits and assistance on feeding plus twice a month social worker & clergy. If mom was at home, the service provided would be the same. All of which Medicare pays for and it was slightly more that 4K that Medicare paid for the first month hospice.

For grant money, those are usually packaged as CBDG funds that run through your COG (Council of Government). COG are regional planning bodies who work and combine funding from all sorts of sources to underwrite community based development grants (CBDG's). COG's are the ones who have the "Area on Aging" or Area Council on Aging. This site has listings of them by state. Some COG's are small while others huge and have clinics etc. By & large you as an individual don't apply for a grant but would be a reciepient of a grant written and done by others (like the COG). Grants to individuals are usually done as a disaster recovery program to rebuild a home or business destroyed and with some type of covenant on the property or business.

Some cities (over 40 cities) have an OASIS program. Oasis is a non-profit based in St Louis, that provides a wide range of services. In my mom's city, they have a huge facility adjecent to a NH with lots of programs for seniors. Really seems to depend on the city and what partnerships they have. But if you are in an OASIS city, I'd call them too.

All of these require that they show a documented need for a service whether it's medical or financial. Good luck.
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