A few years ago, my mom put money into an annuity,it reads that it will mature in 2020. ( she is now 90 ) at that time she was told she would get a monthly income. She receives $121.02 ! From the company. She has asked about withdrawing the sum so she can deposited into an account that will gain more interest,and have access to when needed. They told her she cannot withdraw it for she signed not to. I can't seem to get a Rep out to talk to her in person, the original Rep no longer works for the company. I feel she got fooled into investing this money without knowing all the rules. How can I help her? She is kind of panicking . Thank you 2Woods

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Can you find the paperwork? What is the name of the company? Look up the name of the president of the company. Write him a letter. Get your friend the English teacher or legal secretary to make the grammar and spelling perfect, so they will take you seriously. Send a copy to the president of the company, and, using CC on the letter, also send a copy to your local "fixer" from the local TV station or newspaper.

Do you have an insurance agent that you know who might be able to interpret the documents? Get in touch with (I looked it up) Texas Department of Insurance if you believe there was fraud. It sounds like fraud to me!

Some people are just evil.
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