He can read and talk. We communicate by writing on a dry erase board. Is there a device that someone can just talk into and it prints on the screen, like talk to text?

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You might check with a company called Harris Communications ( or one of the other suppliers of communication devices for the hearing impaired. Technology is changing so rapidly these days.
You can view most of the companies and devices on line. I am not not aware of what you are seeking is available, yet.
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Father, I have seen a device like this advertised in one of the AARP publications. Allegedly, the caller's words are translated into a printout which appears on a display screen of the phone.

Sounded great until I read a bit more about it. Internet connection is an absolute must for the phone to operate. So you'd have to get and pay for an Internet Service Provider for your father's home, get a computer, or an I-Pad. I don't know if the device would interface with an I-Phone.

The issue that would annoy me is having to incur the expense of an Internet connection just for the phone, and given that the translation is going through an Internet connection, what are the safety protocols, if any?

It's entirely possible for the phone provider to record and log the calls, then use the information to target your father for ads, either by unwanted calls or by snail mail, or online. If you might think this isn't possible, read the TOS of the ISP in your area. There's likely a provision allowing it to collect data and "submit" what it considers ads of interest. I.e., target marketing, annoying and intrusive targeted marketing.

After thinking that over, I decided it wasn't worth the cost.

I'm going to the AAA Caregiving Expo tomorrow and plan to ask companies providing special services for elders whether or not they offer a product that isn't Internet based.
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"Ok Google" may be useful.
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