MD hearing aids--good or junk?

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My mother has been finally been diagnosed with hearing loss and the doctor recommended hearing aids at $4,000 a pair. OUCH! We've seen ads in magazines for MD Hearing Aid Air, which are touted to work great and cost less than $1,000.

We've looked online for reviews and haven't found any that aren't glowing with compliments about how great they work.

Has anyone had any experience with these hearing aids? Do they really work as well as everyone says they do?

Thanks for your help.

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Amazon has dropped them because:
Discouraging returns and refunds unless the product is unopened (i.e., not properly trialed)
• Implementation of mandatory restocking fees for returned items
• Limit MDHearingAid's ability to communicate with our customers for support
• And most importantly, allowing a large number of imitation hearing aids to be sold under the category of "Hearing Aids" on their site.
I would not buy one.
hearing aids seem to be a hit or miss proposition. no experience here, but they either love them or leave them. if they love them, money well spent, if they don't, money down a black hole
Here's an excellent article on buying hearing aids from Consumer Reports, an independent group that takes no advertising. Hopefully you'll find it helpful:

My dad had $4k hearing aids that he hardly wore. They helped him, but he still didn't like them. When I'd go visit, I wouldn't talk to him until he put them in. So they only work if/when you wear them. My mom got a set of hearing aids and never wore them either. Sigh.
There are a few posts here on hearing aids, used or new, and possible assistance.

Type "hearing aids" into the search box at the upper right top of this page. You might find something that's helpful.

I've also just discovered that AARP affiliates with selected hearing aid providers which allegedly offer a discount. Aids can range from $795 to $2950, but I'm sure that the audiologist who does the examination will always recommend the higher range of aids.

There's also a $1300 discount coupon available on the website. Advertising links aren't allowed, so you'll have to find this site by yourself. Google, AARP, hearing aids and follow the trail.

I've never heard of the company you mention; there is a "Hearing Help Express", or "Hearing Express", something like that, which fills orders by mail. It's not clear whether there's an exam involved or not; I didn't pursue it because I wasn't impressed with what I read.

I too am familiar with the experience of getting expensive aids just aren't worn for .... well, who knows what the reasons are??

I just posted a similar answer on another question. I believe they are junk. Go to a hunting/outdoor store and spend $400 on hearing aides there. My doctor told me they are just as good and their battery is better.

My brother in law is wearing them, somewhat successfully.
Well, you should always beware glowing online reviews that are mostly ghost-written by the company selling them. That said though, these specific aids (mdhearingaid/shop/mdhearingaid-air/) might actually have worked reasonably for me, and they are billed as "one-size-fits-most" so if and only if you have typical high frequency not-too-severe hearing loss, they could work. Read that user manual - there is a lot of honesty there. The less expensive "pro" model would not have worked for me, and would not have known that without a lot of experience and fully understanding my own audiogram.
Actually, I am having a good experience with MD Airs. A little background. I have been wearing expensive prescribed hearing aids for well over 20 years now. My hearing loss is moderate to severe, and touching on profound in one ear. The place I work for has changed insurance and hearing aides are no longer covered. Not many can cough up $4,000 to $6,000, me included. I decided to take a chance on MD Airs after my husband bought a pair. For size I tried his aides for a few days and was very happy with the sound quality and performance, once I was able to insert the buds correctly. I'm use to the having custom molds. I'll honestly say, the MD aides were as good if not better than any of my prescribed aides. Also in researching why MD Air pulled out of Amazon, it reportedly was not due to MD's products or lack of CS. The amazon reviews are still up on MD's website and why MD left. If you talk to most speech therapists, audiologists, and/or some doctors you are going to hear buying online is not a good option. Its because they are in the business, and hearing aides are the one technology that increases in price on a yearly basis. Why is that I wonder? and why is it insurances won't cover readily. Research and learn. MD Airs work well for me and better than any aide I have worn in 20 plus years.
Thanks for the information. Do you have any problems using a telephone? Or, getting feedback when you put your hand near your ear?
I paid $200 for the PRO model. At first I was somewhat satisfied, although it only worked well in very quiet environments. In a restaurant or other noisy situation it was not good. Worst of all, it failed about 6 months after I bought it, and the company sent me a form letter saying there was only a 3 month warranty. Obviously they know about how long their product will last. Avoid this company.
This is a reply to pamstegma comment. This appears to have been written by the seller ("OUR customers"). I have returned a few items from Amazon. Returns were absolutely no cost to me - not even return shipping. They did not have to be unopened. NO restocking fee was charged. Why would someone mis-state Amazon's return policy?

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