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I have noticed a change in the way that my father responds to certain personal support worker's (PSW) lately. He is gregarious one newish fellow, but won't speak to some of the women he's known for years now. They used to laugh and have a great time together, but now he sits in his wheelchair and ignores them. I find it odd that the caregivers he used to look forward to are the ones that he ignores.

Has anyone else here seen this type of change in their loved one toward PSW's?

Thank you and take care.

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You stated in your profile that you (and one of your brothers) live with your father in Ontario, Canada, and that neither brother participate in their dad's care.  

You also state in your profile that your father verbally abused you 2 days ago. Is that also when he stopped talking with the female personal support worker's (PSW)? It is possible that your father has a UTI—urinary tract infection? UTIs in the elderly can cause changes in behavior and mental status without any burning with urination. He needs to be seen by a physician so that a UTI can be ruled out or to check for other reasons for the verbal outburst and change in behavior.

Is your mother still alive? If not, did your father’s behavior towards the female PSWs change shortly after your mother died?

The fact that you had a breakdown last year, that the physical work is taking its toll on your body (after 10 years of taking care of your Mother and then your Father) and that you are exhausted, you might need to look into placing your father into a facility there in Ontario, Canada. I know that might not be what you want to do, but it may be what you have to do to give your Father the best possible care.
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