I am on a limited income and only get $534 dollars a month. I am vision impaired I can see bgut not well enough to drive or read without a magnifier. Is it possible for me to get help and is it posible for me to see where I would live beffore i commit to it? All information would be appreciated.

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Not knowing the area you are from, I can tell you that we have a couple places nearby. One is called Liberty Village and the other is called Woodridge. Both will assist you with the financial qualification and I believe both will accept Medicaid. They have lovely appartments and Woodridge provides outtings, has it's own movie theatre and swimming pool. Their apartments are studio apartments for the most part, but very nice. Good luck!
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Sure. You can live in an assisted living home. They are small apartments and according on the degree of help you need, someone will come in and "assist you".
Get someone you TRUST to google "assisted living/vision impaired" and the name of your state. Then, take someone to go look and get a tour. Ask about food, trips, activities, and you could be eligable for assistance in payment.
Make sure and also see if they have any complaints against them. That is public record. they have to tell you. You can ask them during the tour, but always follow up with your Elder Services agency, unless you live in Connecticut. In my state, they are terrible.
Good luck to you, your doing the right thing.
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