They have ants in every room, in their cabinets, in their food. Ants literally crawl onto their plates at dinner! But they keep saying "We're just going to try to get rid of them our own way" which basically involves smashing a few now and then. I have even offered to pay for the extermination (though they can easily afford it) and they still refuse. I am at a total loss as to why they are choosing to live like this and they have no explanation. Please help!

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Do you think they might both be experiencing dementia and that is why they don't seem to want to exterminate. When my parents showed signs of dementia years ago; I noticed they didn't care as much about things as they used too. And when I would try to help i.e. cleaning, etc. - they were adament that I don't get involved. They were probably protecting their independance and didn't want me to think they couldn't do certain things.

Sounds like they have carpenter ants and they are so destructive. Do you think if you hired an exterminator and just told them some white lie when the man comes. Often they only have to spray the exterior foundation, etc. and don't even have to come inside to spray unless the problem continues.

Hopefully, you will be able to do something about it; must be so frustrating. Take care and good luck.
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