My mother who is 96 and has dementia wants a new upper plate. She is never happy with any results, good or bad. She had a new lower bridge, but didn't like it and thought the Dentist did a poor job. She was lifting the bridge with her tongue which is normal for older people. Mom couldn't understand that and threw them away. Of course she mentioned someone stole them. She lives with us but is trying me crazy about her teeth. She had me take her back to the Dentist numerous times and nothing was wrong with her upper plate. Now she mentions its in bad shape, mentioned a piece broke off, showed me, but no piece was missing. Everyday now she mentions she can't chew and needs to go to a dentist. She has 4 bottom teeth remaining. My siblings, including myself don't want her to get a new set of anything, she just won't be happy. Also, we want to place her into an Assisted Living Facility after the holidays and she'll throw a fit. Any suggestions about how to handle the teeth episode? This is very serious, just don't know how to handle the problem. I feel so badly for her but she just won't be happy no matter what the dentist does and will want to go back many times. Please "Help".

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Just accept you may be crazy for awhile longer... I wouldn't take her to the dentist either, especially after looking at them and knowing nothing is wrong..... one of the hardest things for us to do that work with alz/dementia, is that we have to stand our ground about some things , as exhausting as it is...... and if she pitches a fit, well , eventually she will stop.... hang in there until the holidays are not add to your already stressful load by giving in over something that is not life threatning.... hope you stand strong with her , hugs to you...
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