My Mom needs/wants a grandpad. But they are so expensive! Does anyone know a good and cheaper way to achieve the same thing? I thought about getting her a tablet, so she can video chat with all the other family members (except me) that she never gets to see. She feels the need to "see" them. Are there good, free apps that work to make the tablet easy for seniors?

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This is an old post and I haven't read all the replies but wanted to offer a possible solution. There is a service available through Jitterbug that offers a decently priced alternative at around $80 dollars for the device, and service starting at around $18 dollars a month. You can find the phones sold by doing a search or going to

Additionally, I would like to point out that Jitterbug partners with Greatcall which is a service that can be used to monitor your aging in place family. Greatcall is one of the few apps that allows direct connect with 911 in an emergency. Other services tend to have an operator answer the call. This go-between can be the difference in life saving minutes when an elder family member needs assistance.

Greatcall has many alternatives as well but I have not fully looked at all their services nor devices for pricing.

Hope this helps you (If your still looking) or anyone else reading this blog looking for alternatives.

Phillip C. BSN RN
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We're using Ohana app for my mother. It's only $15 a month and we gave them our old ipad. They mainly use it for video calls and seeing photos. It's a bit more limited than Grandpad but a lot cheaper.

If you've got an old iPad lying around it might be worth a shot
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CStadler07 Mar 2020
Hello Alyssa! Do you need wifi for ohana to work?
Check out Consumer Cellular. I think they have the Grandpad that you can lease to own. I think it’s CC. It may be one of the other carriers but I know one of them does.
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Looks like this is pretty neat. Nice big apps. It says $200. Maybe you can search for a better price. MothersDay is coming up.
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