Hello! Does anyone have information on having a cleaning service come in to do a deep clean? The house is too much for a home health aide to tackle, and funds are limited. Is this something that could possible be paid for by some agency? Is anyone familiar with this process?

My daughter has a cleaning service. Twice a month, deep cleaning a 5 bedrooms, 2400 sf home costs her about $200 per visit. 2 workers. They do windows every other time, which DD loves.

She has 3 kids, so it's just to help keep ahead of the game. This company is used exclusively by my daughter's neighbors. All the women have cleaning ladies. DD does say that she laughs every time she tells her kids "Simone is coming tomorrow" b/c Simone is kinda grouchy and might throw away a toy rather than put it away.

Totally word of mouth is how DD got this crew.
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$250 seems reasonable to me.
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Bridger46164 Apr 7, 2021
They did a good job for $250. He liked them well enough that he has hired them for weekly cleaning. Four hours for $80.00. That seems to be normal for our area.
Before you get estimates do a few things first.
What are your priorities?
Are there rooms that are not used much? If so start clearing them out. Get rid of as much as you can.
When you call to get estimates define what you are calling a “deep clean”. Is it like the cleaning you would have done if you were selling the house.?Or is it a deep clean that would have to be done after a disaster?
And is it time to downsize from a house that is difficult to maintain?
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I don’t know of an agency that would provide a free or low cost deep clean. My youngest son just purchased a house that needed a deep clean. He got estimates from 3 or 4 services. Ended up paying $250.00 for 2 cleaners for 8 hours.
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Faced with the disruption of calling, meeting up with the cleaning service for an estimate, working harder to move things around so a stranger can clean,
I decided to do it myself after the cleaning service owner said "It's not that bad". I could be wrong, but sending only one person instead of two, for four hours, and the very low estimate of $125 did not at all communicate to me that she saw what I saw. That was a need for a deep cleaning, including walls, appliances, top of cabinets and cabinet fronts, windows inside and out.

I have started on the tub/shower, it is totally shining again, only took me 3 weeks! Keeping in mind, "It is not that bad". Lol. A little at a time, using the right products!
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caroli1 Apr 8, 2021
I've not hired anyone for a deep clean, just regular cleaning, but if I were so doing, I wouldn't include windows inside and out unless, perhaps, it was a one-story house with no storms or screen/storms. Window-washing is a specialized service which usually requires ladders, buckets, some understanding about what is doable/not doable, etc. I wouldn't trust this job to a cleaning service; I'd want a window washer! I've used window washers a number of times, and a couple of times, and even then I've still needed to have them return for things like putting a few screens back on upside down. I'm bringing this up only because I think hastevens would do better skipping washing the windows on the outside as part of the deep clean. The inside of the windows probably shouldn't be done until the rest of the cleaning is done if much dust is going to be stirred up. Because it doesn't need to be done all at once, it's one thing hastevens might do herself/himself a few windows at a time later on.

BTW, more generally, if you're using a home health aide from an agency, in most cases, the aide is allowed to do only light housekeeping, such as cleaning the kitchen floor after kitchen use, dusting, sheet-changing, laundry, etc. Check your contract.
The only service I know of that would handle a deep clean is one which also accepts jobs from insurance companies.   Some companies are affiliated for this purpose, and accept other jobs if it works into their schedules.

I hired one once, and they did the best cleaning job imaginable.  But it is VERY expensive.

Before I found this company, I contacted several, but most of them focused on lighter, less extensive cleaning.  

I think this is an area that really lacks in diversity and companies interested in intensive cleanups.

One thought is to locate companies that specifically focus on this, may do crime scene cleanups, or "hoarder" cleanups. 

You might get someone through the Area Agency on Aging, but I wrote them off when one of their employees became very aggressive, then hostile, b/c I wouldn't hire HIM directly and agree to several hundred dollars worth of work that he decided was required, but it really wasn't.
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