My in-laws are living in AZ they both have mobility issues. One is diabetic and the other is on the onset of Alzheimer's with chronic hip pain. They are both over the age of 76. My father in-law is a veteran has VA insurance however, my mother in-law only qualifies for Medicare.

My husband and I live abroad and unfortunately cannot care for them.

We were hoping someone would help provide some information on what affordable home care options may be available around San Tan Valley AZ.

Average caregiver through an agency is around $25. Administrative, taxes, and insurance are included in. The caregiver will probably not even get paid a living wage. No what are you wishing that an affordable living wage is?
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I found an independent placing advisor for my mom in Tucson. I too live out of the area. I see San Tan is closer to Phoenix. This company I have has been an invaluable resource for me. Started with them , getting in home help. They were there to get my mom out of rehab when I couldn’t be. I am out of state.. Made sure the home was clean and set for when she returned. When I needed to place my mom, They looked at her budget etc. Gave me a name to contact fr VA general question I had. When my moms funds start to run low, we already have a plan in place.

my advise , find an independent. They know the area. They don’t charge you to do the work , they get paid by the referral from where they move in. I called one of the chains for placement, they recommended someplace out on interstate 10 that had no close up pictures, as in picture taken so far away you couldn’t even see scenery. It was like a motel 6 converted to AL ... wouldn’t have put my dog there. Obviously. ”the specialist “ had no idea of the area, or what she was recommending...
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The VA does have programs that can help. Depending on where and when he served he may qualify for a little help or a LOT. They may also qualify for VA Aid and Attendance.
The VA does pay for some Home Care services but it is limited unless there are other programs he would qualify for.
Contact the VA or a Veterans Assistance Commission.
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Call the local Area Agency on Aging.

Would they qualify for Medicaid?

Does FIL qualify for Aid and Attendence ( VA program)?
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