Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get an oxygen machine for mom?


My mother is 90 years old and needs an oxygen machine. It is vital for her to live. Insurance will not pay for it, she cannot afford it and the family is poor. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can or can help us get an oxygen machine for mom? She needs a type of portable oxygen machine that makes its own oxygen.

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The Medicare and Medicade qualification is a Saturation of less than 88% for a minimum of 6 seconds. Complaint of shortness of breath do not count. If she has not had this test then she does not qualify. Do you know that oxygen is a drug? If her levels are lower, why not bring her to the hospital. She cannot be discharged if she does qualify. The hospital will try to seek alternatives for her.

My other question would be is did she already have one and what happened to it?
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First, doesn't she have Medicare? Her pulmonologist should script for it; that's how you get it, with Medicare paying for it. If she has Medigap insurance, it'll cover the portion Medicare doesn't pay.

Second, the portables with which I'm familiar can produce oxygen; however, they are not of unlimited duration. They're battery operated, and the batteries have limited life, whether they're the kind which can be inserted in to the kangaroo pouch or the batteries which are in the concentrator permanently (except for change out only by qualified pros.)

If your mother needs it, I don't understand why a doctor has scripted for it, for 24/7 use. Could you elaborate? Doesn't she have Medicare?

You would be able to get a stationary concentrator, a larger machine which produces oxygen, and either (a) back-up E tanks (b) an adapter which allows for smaller tanks to be recharged through the stationary concentrator, or (3) a portable concentrator with batteries.
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