My uncle will be 90 next month-He lives alone out of state. We have not heard from him-and its hard to reach him on the phone. His neighbor seems quite involved in his activities- for she changed his phone number without letting us or other family members know. She did not appreciate my critique of her actions. Neither her or my uncle gave a valid reason for the change in number. But he was involved in a elder exploitation 3 years ago. He gave away 18 thousand.. Because of a phone call and a money making scam he got involved in. Adult protection was involved at that time and contacted me. I do not trust this woman at all. But I have no way to check on him. Do you think adult protection would do a welfare check? for us. Due to the fact he was exploited for $$ in the past? And lives out of state?

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The local police department will do a welfare check on him. Call them. They'll do it right away.

If you aren't involved in your uncle's life, which its clear you are not, I'm sorry, but you have little right to criticize a neighbor who is helping him. Undoubtedly, your faux concern rings quite hollow to the neighbor who's doing the heavy lifting.
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I would also ask the police to do a welfare check.
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A welfare check will check he is alive and well and able to manage - if you are worried about fraud that is a separate issue though so be aware of that which you are asking about..... There is an issue about changing phone numbers however. It is still considered as abuse to isolate people and if THAT is your concern - that he isn't being allowed to communicate with his family or that he is being told that his family don't care because they never ring for example then you would need to contact the APS and voice your concerns
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