My Aunt was called saying she had won a sweepstakes, but they called her to send more money. The person that call was caught, was charged with receiving money under false pretenses. The court sent it to the grand jury. Its been 3years and that person has not been sentence.

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The grand jury may not have returned an indictment, in which case I believe the charges would be dropped. However, it could also depend on the complexity of the case as well as the venue (in which court and jurisdiction the charges were filed).

Have you tried to search that court's online records to determine the status of the case?

It's too bad that your aunt may have been a victim. If she actually sent money, contact your congresswomen/men or senators at both the local and federal levels and ask if there are any committees or subcommittees addressing (a) fraud and (b) fraud against elders.

If so, ask for more information and try to find out if the legislators are doing anything about these scammers in general, and if they're aware of any action against the one scammer in particular.

AARP occasionally publishes articles on scammers; you could send them a synopsis of the events, but do it anonymously if you're uncomfortable having your aunt's name in print and exposed as a victim.

If so, get information on what, if anything, they're doing and whether or not there's any recourse for someone who was scammed.
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If this person was in another country you will probably never hear anything.
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