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Thanks. I have a very thorough will from NY from a few years ago. We are now in SC and can run this by a lawyer but was hoping to not spend alot to do same again.
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It is a really good idea to have all your paperwork reviewed when you move to a new state, (or someone mentioned in the will dies, or marries, has a child or becomes incompetent or receives Medicaid.)

My neighbor had a terrible time trying to cash the CDs in her (still living but comatose) husband's name because the bank didn't like the POA that was drawn up 'too long ago' in a neighboring state. A cousin found that her mother's DNR paperwork wasn't honored in a neighboring state because it didn't follow their format and contain language that state required. The will is probably still valid but a review of the paperwork might save the people involved a lot of trouble.
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I googled the words

out of state will valid
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