They are driving me CRAZY!!! So little Miss Me, decided to play the hero role and moved my Grandparents in. Worst mistake I’ve ever EVER made.
They use to live 300 miles away. Grandpa was rushed to the ER for what ended up being a heart murmur and grandma was at home in the country alone. I panicked! Didn’t want them to be alone anymore. As grandpa got better, I moved them into my house. Cleaned up their 5acre house, sold it. Lots of work involved but I didn’t ask for a dime! My house was too small for both of them, my husband and 4 kids. We all agreed to looking for a bigger house. Found a house, loan was a bit much for my husband and I income so they suggested putting it under their name as long as I pay mortgage and utilities they will pay tax and insurance. Seem reasonable, done deal! Fast forward 1 year later, grandma is constantly accusing us of stealing her pills, $$, curtains, coins, paper etc. My poor kids are her target. They are thieves she says. They aren’t as innocent as you think she continues. I’m surprised your daughter hasn’t got raped by the amount of makeup on her face she added. If you guys don’t do your dishes, I will kick you out of MY HOUSE!!!
I’m so drained and exhausted by her mood swings, memory loss and verbal abuse. Every week is a threat that she will sell the house and we need to get out. But I pay the bills!! My question is do I have any rights as a paying adult in this house since it’s under her and grandpas name? Can she really kick us out? How does this stand in court? What are my rights if I even have any? The thought of moving again is exhausting but dealing with her is insane. Grandpa is so much more healthy since living with us however he does and believe everything she says. How do I get her to see a professional on her mental illness when she thinks she’s fine? Too hard for me to handle on my own. I need your help. What do I do???
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Laytay, I see from your profile that your Grandmother has Alzheimer's/Dementia, so the stealing pointing is all part of the disease, but it still can make a person being accused of stealing feel pretty bad.

May I suggest you and your husband make an appointment to see an Elder Law Attorney IMMEDIATELY to discuss this situation where you and hubby bought the house, but you had placed the Grandparent's names on the Deed instead of your own names.

Where is the money for the house and land sold where the grandparents had previously lived? Did the grandparents pay any part of the down-payment on the new house? Whatever the Attorney recommends, do it, even if it rattles your grandparents.

You really need to find some way to put the Deed into your names. Otherwise, it could become real complicated if either of your grandparents or both of them need to go into a skilled nursing home and have to use Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. The Attorney will explain what would happen next.
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