I care for my mother in-law who is 71. My mother 60 with crippling RA and COPD. and my father 61 with COPD, stage 4 lung caner, neck cancer, and a partial leg amputation. Also my son has asthma and learning disabilities and my husband is a type 1 diabetic with many other illnesses. I am out of work at the moment on short term disability. I have had a nervous breakdown and with so much to do all the time I am always stressed to the max. Appointments every day of the week and ER runs when needed. I don't know how I can do all this when I'm released back to work. My husband is a great help when he is not sick. Also I have to keep the house clean and cook and all of the regular daily living things. I'm not whining about life. I'm overwhelmed and looking for advice. If anyone has any ideas that may help me in any way I would be great full.

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Contact your local Agency on Aging. You need help, dear! I am sure there are some resources for you. Also, like the others said, there has to be some money that your elders have to purchase cleaning or care giving help. Wishing you the best! Amazing woman, you!
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Dear busyallthetime,

You are an amazing person for taking on as much as you have. I know it feels like the to do lists feels never ending and no wonder you feel overwhelmed.

Please try to talk to a social worker and see what options are available. Look into respite care or possibility assisted living or nursing homes. And for yourself you might want to consider getting counseling or joining a support group. I know us women want to be Superwoman but its so hard. We can't take on everything and we shouldn't. I hope you can find the right balance.
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Busy, oh my gosh you have a lot on your plate to a point where you either need a platter or you need to take some things off your plate. I also had crashed and burned from caregiving that was with only my parents and I wasn't hands-on.

Your parents and mother-in-law are so young to be having all these medical issues, but since they are, would they be able to budget in to have a paid caregiver come to give you a break. Please note that 40% of caregivers die leaving behind the person(s) they were helping.  And you have 5 people that need your help.

I see from your profile that your parent's live with you. Could they budget to have a paid caregiver come in to take care of them? That would give you a most welcome relief, and make it easier for you to return to work.

Or could you parents pay for a cleaning crew to come in once a week to help you with the house cleaning? I assume your parents both get Social Security, and maybe a pension.

Where is your hubby's mother? Does she live alone? What are her medical issues?
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