My husband seems to have problems when laying down at night, sitting during day seems ok. Or is this to do with a kidney problem?


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The itching is probably from his kidney disease. Toxins build up in his blood that can’t be removed. The build up in the bloodstream causes the person’s skin to itch. This is termed the “uremic frost” - skin color pale and itchy. Yes some folks itch so badly they bleed.

Check his labwork for his phosphorus level. If this level is high it will cause skin to itch as well.

Lotions could help, and Aveeno baths. But his kidney disease is most likely the culprit. Try OTC Benadryl as this may help too.
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My Luz had some problems with itching. We tried sarna lotion and it helped very much. She would only rub her legs after that but, that could have been something else.
Sarna is OTC.
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