It's times like these when I REALLY wish my Dad would have been more responsible all those years ago when he was multiplying all over the nation.

I don't really have a family. Dad has other children that I have met a few times, none of which have been pleasant.

Anyway, a social worker from the VA called me today informing me that one of his other children "wants to see her Daddy". This is the the drug addict / alcoholic that was telling everyone in our hometown that Dad had died before showing up to his old home (where one of his other children now lives) demanding information. Needless to say, we ended up calling the police on her and placing a restraining order on her.

This same child has physically threatened me. Come to think of it, I have never seen the woman sober.

I'm ALWAYS portrayed as the bad guy among Dad's children, so I'm wondering if I should just try to arrange something to get her off my back and avoid the gossip or continue with my silence policy.

Dad has NEVER been close (sadly) to any of his offspring, so I have no idea why she's calling. What should I do?

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Block her calls. Does dad live with you? If you are caring for dad --you only need to worry about yours and dads wellbeing. If she's bad news then follow your gut and keep her away.

If she wants she can get a lawyer or call dad directly and make a date to meet and visit out of your house at a public place. Keep dads credit cards and cash so she can't con them out of money.
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