My husband is in a care home . I feel it so hard especially as i can't make out what he is saying as he only whispers. Please can you help me

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Williams sound pocket talker and personal listener.

It measures about 4" X 6" and is quite light. It is designed so the person with a hearing difficulty wears the earbuds/headphones and the speaker uses the thumb-sized microphone.

We use it the opposite way. I am the one with the earbuds and the microphone is clipped into the top pocket of my husband's shirt. It works like a charm and have made our visits SO much less stressful. I am not saying "What?" all the time and is not saying "Never mind" all the time, knowing that he can make himself heard and understood.

There is a website but I suggest you just seek out Williams Sound Pocket Talker. They cost around $150 but I don't know if that is US or Canadian dollars.

Good luck.
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My husband also has LBD and one of the greatest challenges has been getting heard (him) and me hearing him.

As well as music therapy the physical iotherapist loaned ya a device in the hope that it would cut down on the levels of our joint frustration.

It is called "Williams sound pocket talker and personal
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Has he seen a speech therapist? My husband with LBD was able to learn to project his voice via several speech therapy sessions. He didn't remember to do that all the time, but when I reminded him he could make himself heard.

I suppose it depends on where your husband is cognitively, but if you haven't tried speech therapy, I suggest it.
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