Ok so my Sister knows all of Mother's information as far as Insurances hers & all 4 of her kids; Burial Plot information hers & all 4 of her kids; Access to Savings & Checking Accounts, Mom's; Credit Cards, Mom's; etc . and has since around 2010.

My sister came to live with me to address her lack in going to doctors and being removed from Mother's residence so that my Brother and Nephew could renovate Mother's house. During her 6 month stay along with taking care of Mother as well, she did absolutely nothing except for eat; she didn't shower or show any interest in a thing except for watching TV. So on February 2019 she was notified that she has MS and has had it for a while, but to this date after her return home, waited 3 months to make an appointment to address the MS. May I add that Mom's house is still in disarray and they continue to pay Cable, Lights, and Cell Phone Bills out of Mother's money for her and my nephew who reside in my Mother's home. With all that, my Sister has managed to sell her & Mom's Car & bought a newer one in which Her & Mom are on the Title in which she paid off with Mom's money; and her and my older Brother had prepared a Quit Claim Deed (2015) in which they allowed my Incompetent Mother to sign her "first name" only on, creating a Life Estate Interest, I suppose to the two of them each to a 50% undivided interest. What about Me and my baby Brother and the fact that there's NO WILL??

All of this being said, I still do not want to fight with the First (My Sister) or the Second (My Older Brother) born of my Mother but they both live in the same City and I have Mother now! Don't I have Rights? and Mother? To me they are acting as if she is not breathing or dead already, besides my sister knows...when I got Mother, she was literally near Death, hate to say it but, UTI; fungus all over her body; Stage 4 Kidney Disease, she had been taking Mom to a Clinic and a simple blood test here determined most of this, Come On!!

I mean had I not spoken up when I did, my Mother would be gone!! You Think the Older Siblings have all the sense, I Think Not....

Honestly? I would share all this with an attorney. Many will give you the first consultation free to see if you have a case and if they can help you. You need to find out if all of what your sister did is legal and could she have committed fraud. And, has she taken advantage of an personal who is mentally impaired. Only an attorney can help you with this.
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