My bio has dementia and sister is stressed about placing him and how to pay. Her husband is young and not like the other patients at the care home. She hasn't worked in over 10 years and has a 19 year old son in college.

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Medicaid for long term care start at age 55. They will need to qualify both medically and financially under however your state manages its Medicaid program. Age doesn't make a difference, it's about meeting the medical & financial.

Medicare you apply for at age 65 and almost everybody qualifies for Medicare.

My mom's NH has one wing almost all with the "younger" set - most are trauma cases or genetic diseases who cannot be taken care of at home anymore or have a cancer but not yet qualified for hospice. they seem to need an different type of staffing as lots of the RN's are male (former military medics) and just physically stronger. I'd suggest that when you look at facilities you specifically look at what the age range is….if everybody there is late 80's & early 90's, then maybe pass on that NH. Good luck.
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Let me see if I understand this. Your sister's husband has dementia. She is concerned about placing him in a care center 1) because he is so much younger than most people in the center and 2) she doesn't know how they will pay for it.

Is that a fair summary?

How old is your brother-in-law? Are the using any in-home care now? Has it become untenable to keep him at home, or is this inquiry for future possibilities?

What is their financial situation? What income does he have? Is your sister collecting any income -- for example, social security? Do they have assets such as property, stocks, bonds, valuable collections (cars, art, guns, etc.)?

The more you can fill in the picture, the more specific our responses can be.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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