This is my father; his wife of 40 years just died and there are things that need to be taken care of. His children are not in his will but his step son is; however he does not trust his stepson to take care of things while he is living. Is there anyway that I (one of his children) could get someone to assist him without it appearing to contest the will (no interest in this but we just learned of this) so he can be taken care of. The executor of his will is deceased.

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If your dad will give you his power of attorney, you can take care of most things for him. You can take care of MANY things without a POA, such as writing out checks for him to sign in order to pay his bills; helping him make decisions about his care, etc. The executor of his will being deceased simply means he should name someone else. Executors have no power as long as a person is living.

Helping your dad pay his bills, cleaning out his house to get it ready for sale, etc., etc. has nothing to do with your contesting his will. We are entitled to help people who need it as long as we don't step over legal boundaries.
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