My grandma has frequent UTIs. She gets really confused, mean, even violent, complains of more pain, headache, refusing to eat and has frequent urination so much as even every 20 minutes especially at night (making neither of us get any sleep as I have to assist her each time to the bathroom). I have noticed during the day it isn't as bad but still noticeable.

The doctor already has her on a preventing antibiotic she takes every other day and she is on cranberry capsules and eating Activa (which she has been refusing to eat lately saying nothing tastes good) and it still doesn't seem to help. She is getting daily showers by caregivers and I am personally wiping her when she has a bowel movement and she wipes everytime when she pees (she is a very through wiper).

She is taking tons of pills so is constantly drinking. Is anyone else dealing with frequent UTis that might have any other suggestions for me on preventing it? I have her going to a urologist but they couldn't get us in until the 21st of next month. This is very frustrating for both her and I as normally she is a sweet diabetic, dementia grandma and when she has a UTI she's the wicked witch of the west because she honestly just doesn't feel good.

She is currently on her second round of antibiotics since it appeared the first 7 days didn't work. The most frustrating part is that she had a broken neck two years ago that never quite got better so she gets nerve blocker shots in her neck to help with pain. She keeps having to put those off making her even more cranky due to pain since you can't have nerve blocker shots while on antibiotics for some odd reason.

Anyone else dealing with this issue? Am I alone in this?

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This is a real long shot but when you Mum wipes is she wiping front to back and then using the same piece to wipe again. Back to front wiping can bring the faecal matter in contact with the vaginal opening and therefore , by proximity, to the urethral tract and then you will have a problem. Just bear in mind that a women urethra is a lot shorter than men's which is why they are more prone to infection.

Again if she is not emptying her bladder properly this can cause a build up of bacteria to build in the bladder.

If she is not changing clothes regularly this too can contribute - ditto pads

Diabetes and or chemotherapy are two biggies in the contributory factors with UTIs too. I can see from your post that she does not use a catheter but, for those who have LOs that do, that also is a causal issue for UTIs even though they are essential for some people - which is why they are only used as a last resort.

You perhaps ought to have a meds review (if you haven't already had one) just to be sure there are no contra indications in the tons of meds she is taking
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I was dealing with the recurrent UTIs last year for my mother. The doctor started her on the same type protocol yours is using. My mother is taking Bactrim three times a week. I also added the cranberry capsule. So far it has worked for her (cross fingers). Dealing with the UTIs is very difficult, so I don't envy you. My mother gets totally mean and inconsolable, as well as depressed and tired.
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