my grandmother has gone through some illness recently and we had put her in a rehab to try and get her to walk again. she has had bad arthritis in her legs and now she isn't trying to walk at all. me and my husband we caring for her before she even went into rehab and everything was the rehab facility says she cant come home and want me to leave her in there full time,i understand some of it but she is 84 years old and wants to be home with her family for however long she has left is it wrong for me to want to take care of her? that's how they are making me feel and fight with me every time I go there

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Amandah, no it is not wrong for you wanting you bring your Grandmother home but you need to do what is the best interest of your Grandmother's health.... if the experts are saying she need to be in rehab/long-term-care, then please keep her there. The experts know what they are doing.

Who knows, maybe after awhile she will improve enough to walk, then you can bring her home. At 84 years old, it takes a lot longer for an elder to improve, if they improve at all.

Whatever you do, always be sure everything is happy around your Grandmother, otherwise if she witnesses disagreements between you and the Staff, then she will be very upset and scared being there.
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You're not wrong for wanting to take care of your grandma, I think the folks at the rehab are trying to tell you that caring for a person who is immobile is next to impossible. If she's not getting up and participating in rehab she'll dig her heels in even more if she's at home. And lying in a bed 24/7 wreaks havoc on a body both physically and chemically. I can't even begin to list the things that go wrong when someone stops walking and takes to their bed.

Everything might have been fine before when she was at home but this is a whole new ballgame. Unless you can afford around the clock care for your grandma while she's at home you might want to consider what the PT's are telling you.
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