I am a caregiver for an elderly 81 year old man. If we ask how is he today,his answer is all I want to do is die. We have tried to get him to talk to a psychologist about it; he refuses. What can I do? It's sad and depressing being around him. Nothing makes him happy. Family has tried.

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There's nothing you can do. Don't be overly chipper but don't be a Gloomy Gus either. Keep in mind that your patient has depression and show him empathy and compassion. He's 81 years old, since you didn't mention a wife I'm assuming he lost one or never had one. His kids have their own lives and are busy. He most likely has various ailments that are age-related. I'd be depressed too.

I agree with the suggestions of talking to his family about an antidepressant. Or if he's already on one, trying a different one.
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Dear Abf1202,

I'm not sure what your patient has gone through, but after my father's stroke he was also like this. It was a lot to take. I thought he had grumpy old man syndrome. My dad was the same way and had a leave me alone attitude. I know the family is trying but I wonder if maybe his medical conditions and his medications are contributing to his negative attitude.

Like Golden has suggested maybe he needs a different medication to help him. A better diet? More outings? More friends? I really regret giving up on my dad towards the end. It felt so defeating that nothing I did could make him happy. I hope you find a better answer for your patient.
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He needs medication probably, My mother was like this., Her doctor put her on an antidepressant and she improved a lot.
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