Dad is 100% competent to make decisions. My Dad is on 100% disability and a VA vet. He has to go through them to get his money and if they don't agree they tell him he can't. Can they do that?

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Today I went through an interview to be my dads payee. I showed them all the deposits and balanced that back to every single expense Ive paid in his behalf. they say I can pay myself for doing this work, but that doesn't seem right to me. It feels right to me that every penny he makes is to be spent on him, especially now. It also seems right to them. They made it very clear that if I cannot show his health expenses and normal personal spending for necessary, they will adjust his VA pension to where it does balance. Dad said he wants to save the money for me. I told him yes, it would be there for me if its supposed to be. Right now thank God its there for him. I am blessed. So many aren't. If you allow him to spend his money on you, they will figure that out and take that money from him. Please don't allow that; that is something you and your integrity will have to deal with for the rest of your life.
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Yes, because those organizations want you to do something for him like provide care of some sort. If you do provide care, then they will want to monitor it in some way to make sure he is getting what he is paying for. So,unless that is your motivation, your not likely to get anything.
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Obviously they have Guardianship, to keep you out of his wallet. It's not only legal, it's backed up with a court order. Now stand on your own two feet, because the First National Bank of Dad has closed.
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