Dad becomes very anxious. He says we need to move the travel trailer that we are living in. However, we are in a 3 story house and he knows he needs to get the things from upstairs. He can't relax in the evening because he is getting ready to move in the morning. Morning comes and he doesn't mention it. I have tried distracting him with things he likes to do or watch, but he can't get focused. He doesn't realize we are in my home that he has lived in for 3 years and he actually built. I don't argue just try to put him off until morning.

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My thoughts exactly as I read your post - sundowning.

You wrote that you're having difficulty distracting him....what are the things that he enjoys most, things he would do if he could? Can you modify them to simply them so he can do at least parts of them?

What did he do for a living? Could he help with dinner, such as just getting out the dinner and silverware? Can he fold laundry, read a Reminisce, Reminisce Extra or the Country duo of magazines - you're trying to divert his attention so he's occupied through the "sundown" hours.

Maybe play dominoes; it's pretty straight forward but it can require concentration.

Don't take him anyplace that would be timed so that you'd be bringing him home in the evening.

But it redirecting his attention isn't possible, try to validate his delusions by helping pack, and/or go over the moving details. Sometimes detail oriented projects can be overwhelming and tire the person out as well as dampen the imagined need to do something.

Get a suitcase, boxes or something, then after he goes to bed unpack and replace the things so he can pack them the next day.

I know it's hard; we've been through it and had trouble finding ways to induce calm and serenity.
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For the immediate, though, I think you are probably handling things about as well as they can be. Doesn't do any good to argue, does it? Mom has lived with us for 10 years almost, and still thinks she's just visiting. Every night she asks if we have a bed she can sleep in.
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You probably want to Google "sundowing" . It would be useful to keep track of your dad's delusions and actions and have him see a geriatric psychiatrist. Sometimes medication can help.
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