It seems that lately my Dad is starting to experience agitation and even panic attacks during the evening hours. It doesn't help that he insists on keeping his room at 80 degrees or more most of the time which exacerbates his breathing issues, but he keeps stating that he's "lonely". His facility has over 140 rooms in it, and it offers nightly evening activities which he refuses to attend. I think this is his way of trying to get ME to spend time with him in the evenings, but I've learned how to take care of myself and keep my visits to 3 a week (he sleeps during most of my visit anyway). He is currently taking Seroquel for agitation and anxiety, but he adamantly refuses to take it before 10 PM because he claims he doesn't want to go to bed earlier than that. In actuality, he's sleeping a lot more nowadays and usually has to be awakened for that late dose of medicine. Anyway, I was wondering if there were any suggestions to keep him calm until he agrees to take his anxiety pill.

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I've tried to get the psychiatrist at the VA to give him something else, but they aren't much help.

They are by far the WORST level of medical care, but it's all we can afford. It's a crying shame that my dad lost his sight fighting for this country and has to jump through hoops just to get decent medical care.

I could SO jump on my soapbox today. YIKES.... I'm SO crabby today!!!!
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Have they tried giving him a pill that last around the clock for anxiety? My LO takes a very small dose of Seroquel at night for sleeping, but, that only last through the night. She also takes Cymbalta which is for depression, anxiety and pain. It seems to help her stay content around the clock. I think she takes it at night though. I'd discuss his symptoms with the staff and see what their impressions are regarding his mood and behavior., then discuss with his doctor.
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