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There are many things that can cause forgetfulness including prescriptions, infections, and of course, dementia. Don't jump to conclusions yet. Has your dad noticed his forgetfulness? Is he willing to just see his doctor for an overall checkup? Is he worried he has dementia?

A good checkup should start with an overall physical. His medications should be checked carefully for dosage changes in older medications and of course, any new medications. There could be interactions that are causing brain fog. This is more common than people think.

If he is cleared of any general health issues, then he should be given tests for cognitive issues. There are many kinds of dementia. If he has heart disease he may have been having mini-strokes. Sometimes this can lead to vascular dementia. He should, of course, be tested for Alzheimer's disease, as well. A final diagnosis by a neurologist is a good idea because it's not always easy to diagnose dementia and then determine the type.

I'm glad you are paying attention to your dad's issues. Please try to get him in for a checkup without unduly alarming him.

Take care,
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