He doesn't want to walk a little bit or go out. Wants to sleep alot and is just not that hungry, or says he is not hungry. I am a bit worried because he has lost some weight and looks very frail.

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cdsoto, I agree with cdnreader above, have your Dad see his primary doctor to rule out anything other then normal age decline.

Being 86 means your Dad had lived a very long life, and he is tired. That is normal. And since Dad isn't exercising, he doesn't need to eat very much... again that is normal. Try to see if Dad would drink Boost or Ensure, which contain extra vitamins... that would be a good start.
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Dear cdsoto,

Sorry to hear your dad is not feeling well and slowing down. If possible, I would get your dad to a doctor to have him checked over as soon as possible. Do not delay.

My dad was dying of heart failure. He started to sleep a lot more and also stopped eating a lot. This went on for almost a year. I wish I did more. It could also be a lot of different things like medication, dehydration, not enough nutrients from eating less, diabetes, but the most important thing is to get him checked out. Your dad is lucky to have you. I hope you can find out what is happening.
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