My Dad only gets minimum Social security and cannot afford his own place, so he has to live with me. Now what?


He is 87 and has nowhere to go. With his small amount of money and not being able to cook for himself makes it impossible to have a place of his own. His social security would not cover his trying to live alone. He only gets $16.00 per month for food from government. Being self employed all his working career lives him with no retirement benifits. He has a slight case of Dementia and is Diabetic. The only thing he gets help with right now is his medication and doctors visits. My wife and I do not feel confident enough to leave him home alone. Just trying to find somewhere I can get some info on how to make this work for the best of everyone.

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So he is on Medicaid and SNAP? Talk to his caseworker about housing options for him. Assisted Living would be a starting point.
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1. Contact your county and state to see if there's an elder clearing house which provides information on benefits available. Michigan's Elder Law of Michigan site is excellent and provides links to a lot of information for seniors, ranging from food assistance to legal assistance.

2. Contact local food pantries and see if he's eligible to get free food.

3. Contact your local utilities and see if having an elder living in the house qualifies for a senior discount. Our gas and electric companies offer senior discounts as well as a no shut-off plan for seniors.

4. Research your state's Medicaid standards and apply for him.

5. At 87, he could be of WWII vintage. Has he applied to the VA? If not, consider that. Some programs could help with care if you need to leave him alone.
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