She fell at a restaurant onto her knees and hit her head on the table now her eyes are bruising up and lots of swelling. It’s been 3 days now, her bruising is worse and her vision is off.  She is feeling dizziness and seems to be in pain.

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Also agree that you need to go to the ER NOW.

When there, also ask for a copy of her chart.   You may not get it, but ask anyway, and if the staff won't provide a copy, go to the Medical Records Department and order a STAT copy of her records.   The reason for ordering them (on the form):  "continuing care."

You can take them with you when you follow up (assuming you may have to) with a neurologist.
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Re evaluation now. Things can go worse. There could be increased bleeding. Get to the ER. Especially I am concerned by the visual changes and dizziness. This is an emergency. She likely needs not a CT scan, but an MRI to evaluate. The problem with a bleed is often not initial, but as it progresses. The swelling could be normal and it is often good when things swell "out" instead of in, but her symptoms are NOT GOOD. If you cannot awaken her from sleep call EMS at once. You need to go to the ER now. Right now! I hope you will update us. This could be nothing, but this could be life threatening.
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Three days ago your grandmother had a nasty fall at a restaurant. She landed on her knees but hit her head on a table. What part of her head did she hit? How did she come to fall? - was there an obvious reason, such as that she tripped over something, or did it just happen out of the blue?

You took her to the ER (I suppose?). A CT scan was done. The CT scan showed a dark spot, which the radiographer/radiologist/ER doctor told you was nothing to worry about. It was probably nothing to worry about.

BUT your grandmother is now feeling worse, she is dizzy, she seems to be in pain, and she is having trouble with her vision. So I should take her straight back to the ER if I were you, as quick as you can.
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