What are the binder areas? Is their a helpful guide. Do you just start where you are or try to get past records.

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For myself, each section within a binder has a index tab with a doctor's name, if the doctor is seen on a regular basis, otherwise that info is placed under *misc*. I just put all the medical records behind each doctor's tab. If there is an on going serious illness, then I would suggest a separate binder just for that.

You can also purchase 3-ring binder pockets of items too bulky to 3-hole punch. And plastic sleeves for the medical POA or Medical Directive so everything is in one place.

I also have a Rolodex with all the doctors' business cards, along with any other business cards for workmen who do work on the house. Makes it pretty quick to find telephone numbers when I need them, or if others need to find a number. I know some people use their Smartphone but not everyone knows how to use one of those phones, everyone is pretty much familiar with a Rolodex [no batteries or recharging necessary] :)

I made up a similar Rolodex for my parents... very helpful except when Dad takes out a card and misplaces it :P
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