92 yo male, diabetic. Taking two meds for frequent urination and recently it’s gotten worse. Never showers, does not smell. No one even suspects.

I highly doubt it. Rather this person now has an overactive bladder that even medications can't control.
Has his urologist tried putting Botox in his bladder to try and calm it down? If not, that would be my next step.
And then if that doesn't work you may want to talk to his urologist about having a supra pubic catheter put in.
It sounds like this 92 year old male is also suffering from dementia, so the not wanting to bathe or shower is very common with that.
I do find it hard to believe though that if he "never showers" that he doesn't stink to high heavens.

My late husband who had vascular dementia, went through all the steps above as he was peeing every hour on the hour. He finally had to get the permanent catheter and that was a Godsend for sure.
I never had an issue getting him to shower though as I just told him that it was time for his shower(which I gave him every other day when he was still mobile)and I would help him in, help wash him up, and then help him get out.
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Wellingsen: Pose your query to your father's urologist. Perhaps he should also visit a neurologist as not bathing could be signs of dementia.
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Wellingson, there are a lot of UTIs now because of the heat and people not hydrating enough. So you should definitely have that check out.

Good luck
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Doubt it but not washing can cause hygiene related health issues
not incontinence tho
a basin/bowl with a flannel n water n
soap would ensure you’re fresh
just because people don’t mention it doesn’t mean they’re not aware tho
check coffee intake when my dad stopped coffee his incontinence was barely there anymore
also good idea to speak to your doctor
Might be the tablets
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Prostate problems are extremely common as men age. Frequent urination, especially at night, happens a lot. Flomax is one med that relaxes the bladder and prostate so that they can empty more completely. I was on it for a kidney stone.

Not showering is a very common symptom of the early stages of dementia.
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NeedHelpWithMom Jun 20, 2024
I noticed that my husband was using the bathroom very often.

I kept telling him to go to the doctor. He kept putting it off.

He got shingles. While he was there the doctor said, “While you are here, let’s run labs.”

He agreed to lab tests. His numbers were off and he was sent to an oncologist and urologist.

He had an aggressive stage of prostate cancer. He is in remission now, due to radiation treatments.

You’re right about prostate issues being very common as men age. Men shouldn’t neglect going for physical examinations and lab tests.
Not bathing and frequent urination/incontinence in a man his age are also signs of dementia.
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Have the Dr test for a UTI
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MissesJ Jun 20, 2024
There are now OTC UTI tests.
Very unlikely connection in a male.
Frequent urination is a common symptom in the diabetic and reportable to the doctor.
I am assuming blood sugars are staying within normal range?

Overall there needs to be at the least a urinalysis run.
Talk to the doc.
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