Are there any good cooking apps that I can use to prepare meals ahead of time and then just heat them up when needed?


I'm a 53 male and caregiver for my 83-year-old mom on hospice. She eats regular food and protein shakes that I make her. Are there any good cooking apps I can use to prepare meals ahead of time and then just heat up when needed, like casseroles and similar that are easy for a novice cook to make. Everyone is getting tired of hamburger helper, hot dogs and tacos. lol
Any help please !

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Allrecipes has tons of easy recipes, as does the Kraft website. Pull out the crockpot! And freeze the leftovers.. I agree with making your own TV dinners.And Costco has a wonderful roast chicken for $5.. lots of yummy leftovers there!
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You're 53, I seriously doubt you have been living on hamburger helper etc all those years. What do you like to cook and eat? What did mom used to make when you were a child? What was she eating before you came to help?
Almost any casserole/stew type dish can be made and frozen as already noted, even simple meat and potatoes meals can be made up into your own healthier "TV dinners". If the problem is that mom is picky then try searching for meal ideas for picky kids.
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Well, Kenneth, have you tried hot dogs cut up and added to macaroni and cheese? Fish tacos with shredded cabbage instead of lettuce? Hamburger helper with a side of carrot and celery sticks, and hamburger helper with a side of apple wedges and grapes?

I'm being a little facetious, but it is good to expand on what you already know.

I love to cook and have done so for many years. Now living alone it just isn't as much fun. But I do prefer homemade meals. I double a favorite hot dish recipe, have some for dinner, save some for tomorrow, and freeze the rest in individual portions. Freezer zip-top plastic bags are fine for many recipes. For those whose presentation matters -- they are in layers, for example -- I freeze them in individual serving dishes. I repeat this a few days in a week, and suddenly I have 12 to 14 hot dish servings in my freezer! If I happen to be eating with a friend, I just take out 2 servings!

I usually thaw the serving in the microwave (half power) and then either finish heating it in the microwave (full power) or heat it in a 350 oven.

There are millions of recipes on the web. The Better Crocker site and the Pillsbury site are suitable for beginners.

Good luck!
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Hi Kenneth,

If found this link with the top cooking apps, I hope it will help. I wonder if Meals on Wheels is an option for your mom. Or the hospice nurse might also be able to help with suggestions.
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