She is only at 200 cal a day

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TiaMarie, could you tell us a little bit more? Our answers if it is for a 100-year old woman who is near death would be totally different than if she was a 60-year old on a strict diet. :)
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Dear Tiamarie,

What is our mom's age? Medical condition? Does she have digestion issues? Someone explained to me that dying people don't want to eat.

For my dad, it was all the side effects of his medication that prevented him for enjoying food. And then it was heart failure that prevented him for wanting to eat. I know you care and only want your mom to eat more. But I wonder if there is something else going on.

Since my dad's passing, I don't feel like eating very much. My appetite is gone. I try to eat some of my favorite dishes but even those don't hold much interest sometimes. I hope you can get to the root of why your mom is eating so little.
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Try making her milk shakes....

I do this every day for Mom...

1 can of vanilla boost
1/8 cup of Hershey chocolate
3 tables spoons buttermilk dry mix
3 scoops of ice cream

Throw it into a blender.

Sometimes I use white chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Sometimes I use strawberry syrup

These shakes must have about 1000 calories in them
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