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What are safe energy supplements/drinks?


I’m 75
I see a lot about what NOT to use e.g.5 hour energy
I’m recently recovered-recovering from pneumonia and, except for one problem, doing surprisingly well. As to be expected, with the years comes the gradual diminishing of energy level. However, prior to the pneumonia, I was taking long walks in neighborhood parks, feeding the ducks etc. And as long as I paced myself (didn’t push), I could do the walks without energy problems e.g. still had enough for grocery shopping etc.
Now, although recovered, what did not come back is this energy. I’m very tired most of the time. I have a good appetite and am eating well and balanced (fruit & veggies, protein etc.). I have, for the past few years, been using the supplements like Boost, Ensure, Premier Protein (my favorite) etc. I stopped messing with the teenager stuff (energy drinks) many years ago for obvious reasons.
So, if so much of this stuff is bad for seniors, what is recommended – good?

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Thanks all,
I’m frequently at the VA hospital lately (post pneumonia etc.) and have been tested (including blood of course) for a myriad of stuff and a grand pile of information has been accumulated for my primary care doctor. I’ve bought a good stock of many of the shakes e.g. Glucerna, Ensure etc. and I am alternating between them. I’m not diabetic so I think they’re all safe enough.
“I'm not clear what you mean by energy drinks”
Yes I’m partly referring to all that teenager stuff and stopped messing with any of it years ago. I get, probably more than enough, caffeine in my morning coffee – multiple cups. However, a rep at Costco sold me on this stuff and I bought a box yesterday.
Today I felt well enough to resume my duck feeding walks in the park. In fact, it’s been so long since I haven’t felt bad about some geriatric mess other, that it was almost scary………afraid the shock might kill me.
I did the Zipfizz, I took my walk (paced myself – deep breathing park bench stops etc.). That was 4-5 hours ago and, weird as it is, I still feel pretty good all over. I think the walks are about as good as anything for all of it.
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I'm not clear what you mean by energy drinks, to me they mean those popular with young folks like Red Bull or 5-Hour energy or Monster, in my opinion none of those are safe for more than the occasional pick me up.
If you are asking about nutritional supplements (Ensure, Boost et al), I really don't think they have a place in most diets plans (however much the marketing may claim otherwise). They are wonderful as a supplement for those who can not consume enough calories any other way, but most of us do not fit in that category and there are many multivitamin products to cover those needs.
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Ask your doctor about Ensure. There are so many verities out there, that they can cover any needs you have. The also have ones for diabetics. You just need to talk to your doctor to find out what your nutrition needs are.
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jmdraft, definitely ask your doctor though I would assume they did blood work with your pneumonia. Generally drinks like Boost and Ensure are safe for seniors unless you are diabetic then a drink like Glucerna may be more appropriate. Check with your doctor which and how much of the drink is good for you.
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Ask for a blood work up, be sure they check your thyroid and vitamin B12 levels.
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