I don't feel like I have an eating disorder but my daughters are concerned that my weight has dropped too low. I would like to gain 15-20 lbs but not sure how to go about it. I have a very low tolerance for sugar-eating it seems to give me debilitating headaches. Any help? Should I see a registered dietician to help me?

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Hi STanner,

Our appetites can naturally decline over time for a number of reasons, which can cause steady weight loss. However, if your weight has fluctuated pretty quickly, it would be wise to meet with your doctor just to be sure this isn't due to a more serious underlying cause.

While most of us associate sugary or fattening foods with weight gain, there are far more nutritious ways to increase your caloric intake. A registered dietitian could definitely help you devise a meal plan to meet your nutritional and health goals and satisfy your personal preferences.

Although the article below is written for caregivers who are trying to help a loved one eat a more balanced diet, it might provide some useful ideas to get you started.

How to Sneak Calories and Nutrients into a Loved One's Diet

Best of luck to you!

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I think seeing a dietitian is a great idea! Your best calorie boosters will be complex carbohydrates and fats and oils, a dietitian should be able to look over your preferred foods and find ways to tweak things without having to make big changes.
And BTW, has your doctor ruled out physical causes for your weight loss?
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