My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, had two heart attacks and doesn't walk. I have help so that I may go out for groceries or other issues needed.
I feed her pureed breakfast with ensure, baby cereal and proteins in powder form.
Her dinner I make a soup with vegetables and chicken and also pureed in the osterizer.
Lately about a month ago, I feed her and she chokes, gets all red, coughs and then sneezes???

thank you, I had already read about the test. Will make appointment with doctor, soon.
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Please talk to her physician about this.
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Your mom should probably have a swallow test. Ask her doctor to arrange. It is a simple test. Your mom may need thickeners to obtain the correct consistency to prevent aspiration. This test could possibly be done at home.
sorry I see Alva has just suggested the same. Aspiration pneumonia is a real concern.
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If the food is already puree then you are looking at a swallow deficit. It it is this bad then she is likely aspirating food into her lung. She needs to go to hospital to have a swallow evaluation. You may be up against a need for tube feedings with peg tube placement. If you and your mother have discussed when she was well, and you know that she doesn't want artificial feedings then now is the time to make that clear to doctors. That would mean palliative care and hospice if you are refusing tube feedings. They will prolong her life, but also her misery as often they require restraint to prevent pulling and displacement, often they cause diarrhea, and often bedsore develop. Is she able to swallow clear water? If not there is a thickener out there, several in fact. The one I remember is thicket. But first step is to let MD know she isn't swallowing well.
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