My brother who is 59yrs old and has MS is back in a nursing home facility for c-diff, bladder infection and dehydration. We battled this in Oct/Nov 2012 brought him home in December and here it is Jan 2013 and he is back in again. He was on flagyll all this time but it came back. Now he is on vancomyacin again, iv fluids and cipro for bladder infection. I am anticipating that he will come home again soon but am worried how we will take care of him if this condition keeps reocurring! Do the probiotics, yougut really help?? Any certain brands that have been found to be effective?? The thought of placing him in long term care is something the whole family talks about, but not yet just ready to do that. We established a routine when he was home (hospital bed in living room, home help, meals with the family) but when the C-diff came back EVERYTHING changed in how much we are able to do for him at home. He is not able at all to move to a commode so it was a real battle last weekend. He is totally depressed about the whole thing and tensions were high as we tried to take care of him. I just don't know how the family can handle these infections over and over again. I might add that the family consists of a 92yrs old father,myself and another sister who is 50 with her own health concerns. We all live in the same house and my sister and I still have to work. It is completely exhausting at times and I am really feeling very frustrated and depressed myself just trying to keep this household going! Any ideas would be welcomed at this point!!

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My dad had this as well and it was terrible! So sorry you are having to go through this. It took several rounds of all those antibiotics to get him cleared up as well. I do believe in the Probiotics since that time. Now that I am caring for my mom, I have her on Culturelle. God Bless you and give you strength as you journey through this time.
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I am so sorry. My mother had this last summer, and I know it is very hard to get rid of. Do you know that it is also contagious? Your and other family members could also be at risk when you try to be the caregiver. Best wishes.
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