I've been caring for someone and have been providing CBD which calms my partner who has dementia when he is agitated.

Has anybody else used CBD?

How much of the CBD is being used?

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If you live where there is medical cannabis, there should be knowledgeable staff to guide one on the various CBD products as some are only CBD and some have varying percentages of THC which can make it more effective. It's a 'ratio' type of thing that I don't quite understand myself. Even though CBD is not an 'official' pharmaceutical/medicine it has been studied for years and there is documented efficacy and dosage information available. Do make sure you get your CBD from reputable sources since the market is now being flooded with products as everyone is wanting to 'cash in' on the cannabis market as it gradually becomes more legal for medical and recreational use.
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gladimhere Nov 2021
Medical marijuana is not CBD.
Hemp produces CBD.
Marijuana is THC, still illegal in places medical use of not.
"Caveat emptor" (Latin for "buyer beware")

Since CBD is not a pharmaceutical product, there is no dosing guidelines. There is no proof required to show it actually addresses any specific health or medical need (efficacy). It is a supplement and therefore not under the purview of the FDA. There is no required proof or accountability for whether any brand is being manufactured in sanity conditions (contaminants), whether each pill or gummy or bottle on liquid contains a consistent amount of CBD as the next, whether the CBD in it is of a certain and consistent quality, whether there are any extra ingredients in it to stretch it (purity), or whether there is any actual CBD in it at all (integrity). It is as lucrative a product for profit as any prescription pharma product with NONE of the accountability, and has not yet been studied long enough to know whether taking it in the long-term can be harmful.

Any dosing guidance you receive from this forum is as much a guess as anything because of everything stated above. We are not doctors and know nothing about the weight or other health issues of your partner (not that that would help anyway). Who knows if CBD causes interactions with any other medications your partner is taking since there's no accountability to report such problems. The most you can do is talk to a pharmacist about your concerns and then let your partner's doctor know you are giving it to him/her and in what amounts so that they can at least be aware of all important info when treating or prescribing other therapies for him/her. Everything about dementia is hard. Bless you for being at your partner's side!
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If it is working for you and your partner....GREAT (it never worked for my Husband)
If you continue to use it eventually you may have to increase the amount or the frequency that it is given. But then you may not...
Please let the doctor know that you are using CBD how much and how often and the % if possible. (this goes for any OTC medication, supplement that you are giving.)
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