My dad is having dementia and refuse to take his medication. Most of the time he will talk to himself, delusional and become aggressive.

His state has caused me to become depressed especially during this period of lockdown.

I supposed if he take his medication, his mental state and behavior won't be that worse. Does anyone knows whether I can crush his medication especially Sulpiride that doctor has prescribed for him, into his food or water.


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Just a personal experience with crushed pills and Luz(dw). Her pills had to be crushed to the stage of dust or she would hold the tiny pieces in her mouth until the nurse left the room, Then she would spit the little pieces out.
Also Luz hated applesauce, so we used pudding and that worked.
To reduce the number of pills she had to take I changed her daily vitamins to the gummy stuff.
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Hi, I googled Sulpiride and it does come in the liquid form. My Mom doesn't take that medication but her other medications (blood pressure, thyroid, etc.) I do crush and mix it in apple sauce because my Mom could never swallow pills.

Ask the pharmacist or the doctor to prescribe the liquid form and put it in either apple sauce, or whatever food your dad likes.

Good luck,
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Please call your pharmacist to ask.

This medication should help with the symptoms you describe.
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You should always discuss crushing meds with the pharmacist and doctor but a quick google search tell me that it shouldn't be crushed - but it is available in a liquid formula. Whether that is helpful will depend on how easily you can disguise the flavour, if he suspects you are slipping him his medications in food that could start a whole new problem.
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Call and ask the pharmacy
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