I usually manage to keep all the balls in the air (well, OK, it’s really more like juggling live grenades), but today just stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t even all that bad. The dog vomited in my bed. Twice. My mom who is usually very easy to care for seemed to get lost in the house. She tried to make chocolate milk by putting a piece of chocolate candy in a glass of Lactaid. She has dementia but is still able to connect pretty well. My dad has mobility issues, but his mind is pretty sharp. I live with them and care for both. I have some medical issues of my own, but I’m usually able to manage. But today for some reason I just couldn’t cope. Needed to do laundry, cook, take care of the dog, take care of me, but I just couldn’t. I do all the right things, get enough rest, go out with friends, am in successful treatment for depression, have all my medical stuff treated (I’m diabetic, tightly controlled, deal with migraines and post-GBS stuff), and the dog makes sure I get enough exercise. So what went wrong today? Maybe I just need to vent?

Maybe you're worried about something and didn't realize it? Or ..... maybe you've just had one of those days - we all have them. Sounds like you do a pretty good juggling act, so don't be so hard on yourself! Turn on a good show and relax. Get a good nights sleep and tomorrow will be better. 💙 Hugs, precious one.
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Thanks so much. I think I just needed to put this in perspective. And you’re right, when I’m worried about my baby dog, I’m definitely off my game. Now it makes sense. My dog is named Gabby after the archangel Gabriel, bringer of joy, and she does exactly that!
Hugs back!
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Oh, Hugs!

I call them Murphy law days, if it can go wrong it does and I can't seem to find the groove so it all feels wrong.

You are doing great. Just an off day.

I hope your dog is feeling better and the barfs are over. Worry for my 4 legged friend throws me off.

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