Caregiver salary when helping two people at the same time?

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We have hired a caregiver who works 24 hours a week helping both my parents. She just received her home health certification as well. How much should she be paid helping not just one but two people? I want to be fair but am not thinking double the rate per hour is the right answer either. Thanks.

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MaCompton, make sure your have a signed employment agreement that states the caregiver's chores, her hours each day, what days off, and who will be paying the payroll taxes.

Your profile says that your Dad lived in Assisted Living, I assume your Mom also lives in the facility. Or are both of them living at their home?

My parents had 24 hour caregivers [until Mom shooed them away] and my parents were paying $30/hour via an Agency which was licensed, bonded, insured, and had workman's comp for their employees. The hourly rate can vary from area to area.

For a person who is an Independent Contractor, the salary should be whatever you and the caregiver agree upon. Since the caregiver is non-Agency, maybe start her out at $15/hour, then raise the hourly rate later on.

If your parents are living in their own home, your parents would need to contact their insurance carrier to get workman's comp insurance.... this is very important in case the caregiver gets hurt on the job.

Hope everything works out :)
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